Full-Body Stretch… Under 5 Minutes

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Stretching is one of the easiest things you can do to reduce typical aches & pains from work & play.  Here are 14 easy stretches for all the major muscles, and it takes less than five minutes.  Hold each position for 20 seconds.

Neck – Midline

Interlock fingers, place on back/top of head, and pull face down toward chest.

Neck – Left & Right

Look toward armpit and use hand on same side to pull face downward.

Chest & Front Shoulders

Place hands/palms/forearms high on door frame and lean body forward.

Mid-scapular (between shoulder blades) Left & Right

Hold doorway as shown, and lean body away from side you’re holding-on to.  For these photos, I raised my foot to show that there’s little/no pressure on one foot as you lean away from the door frame.


Lean forward at the hips and try to keep your legs straight.

Quadriceps (front of thigh) Left & Right

Grab a foot and pull it toward your hip.  Hold on to something stable if necessary.  If you can’t grab your foot like this, e-mail us at comments@mychirowalkin.com and we’ll give you a few alternatives.

Whole Back (thoracolumbar) Twist Left & Right

Sit forward in the chair (not reclined back) and twist by pushing your hand on the outside of the opposite thigh and with the other hand on the back of the chair/couch.

Back of Hip (gluteal/piriformis) Left & Right

Sit back and pull the knee of your crossed-leg like your aiming to go past the opposite shoulder.

Abdominal (stomach muscles)

Let your pelvis stay flat on the floor while you lift your upper body as high as you can handle and then lift your chin upward to feel the extra stretch in your abdominal muscles.

Fourteen stretches at 20 seconds each is 4 min. 40 sec.  You can do this!  It’s easy, free, and fast.  Of course, you can hold stretches longer if you want, and there many more stretches you can do, but these will help the major muscles that we as chiropractors see giving patients problems on a daily basis.  E-mail us (comments@mychirowalkin.com) if you have any questions about these stretches.

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