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August 8, 2018 mychiro 2 comments

Daily, many patients ask, “Besides getting an adjustment or a massage, what else can I do to help this?”  The possible answers to that question, depending on an individual’s condition, resources, and motivation, are both varied and long (for example, stretching, eliminating sugar, conditioning, changing desk height, modify the offending activity, change pillow, etc.).

However, massage seems to be almost universally helpful, and when you can’t get in to have a professional do it… consider Foam Rolling.

My Chiro’s Bruce Weisbein, D.C.

A foam roller is incredibly low-tech and inexpensive (under $9.00 in some cases).  The foam is usually like the stuff used to make pool noodles but in a 6-inch diameter roll.  You position yourself on top of it and move in various directions to massage and stretch your muscles.

I personally have found it to be very effective, and in 15 minutes or less I’ve got the whole body done.  If you’d like to try it, here are two good demonstration videos:

“Full Body Rolling Out Routine”

“Release Muscles with a Foam Roller”

Let us know how it goes for you.

Bruce Weisbein, D.C.

2 Comments on “Foam Rolling

  1. Love Video. My 60 year old knees are stiff and are not bendie. Told by a massage therapist that I had very tight ligaments (LCL I think) and need to use a foam roller. Any pointers? Thanks.

    1. Hi Carla, thanks for the nice comment! Regarding the knee tightness, there are typically several other much more likely causes than tight ligaments. Maybe there’s some mix-up with the terminology. Best bet is to stop-in to have it looked-at; there’s no charge for a consultation like that and chances are we’ll be able to give you some simple instructions on what to do. Thanks for reading our e-mails & posts!
      Bruce Weisbein, D.C.

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